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Phonics - Letters & Sounds - SAVE 100!

Resource Information

REDUCED TO 150 from 100!!

Each pack includes:
A 48 page Teacher's book full of ideas and activities for multisensory phonics teaching.
26 wooden characters - one for each letter of the alphabet.
26 plastic pathway mats - one for each letter of the alphabet.
104 initial sounds cards.
55 songs introducing letter sounds and letter formation.
11 action songs (e.g.'You can bounce around the room with a b b b')
21 blending and practice songs
Alphabet song
Instrumental versions of the songs that can be adapted for use with different phonemes
Interactive CD-Rom (Site Licence)

Key Features

  • Supports the EYFS
  • In line with Letters and Sounds
  • Supports any phonics programme
  • Teaches letter sounds and letter formation together
  • Multisensory, memorable and fun!
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