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NUMERACY: Problem Solving - Age 4-5

Resource Information

** CD-Rom plus Teacher's Book **

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This brand new Whiteboard Active title features El Nombre and the other characters from Numbertime engaging young children and making learning fun as they explore the world of numbers in this delightful new interactive resource for your whiteboard.
Short video clips of Numbertime introduce key ideas which are explored further through songs, interactive games and activities to give children a lively introduction to problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. Each activity and video is designed to involve and motivate children, either through joining in with a song, suggesting solutions, sharing ideas, using mathematical language, playing games or talking about numbers.
Unit 1: Numbers 1 to 5
Unit 2: More about 1 to 5
Unit 3: First addition
Unit 4: Early subtraction
Unit 5: Numbers 1 to 10
Unit 6: More addition and subtraction
Unit 7: Numbers 11 to 20
Unit 8: Shape and size
Unit 9: Talking about position
Unit 10: Time
Fun follow-up tasks are suggested in the resource and FREE teacher's book for the different areas of classroom to build children's skills in a natural, child-centred way.
NB: PC only

Key Features

  • Teachers are fully supported in delivering the EYFS objectives for
  • problem solving, reasoning and numeracy with:
  • Clear on-screen notes which support each activity and give
  • classroom activities to extend and support children’s own learning
  • Suggestions to support learning and assessment
  • activities tagged to the curriculum so you can instantly locate resources to cover the objective you want
  • PC only.