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LITTLE BRIDGE ONE - Classroom Licences

  • Code: LBR1/CL1

    £250.00 per licence for 10 pupils
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Resource Information

Little Bridge is the perfect package of resources for young learners of English. It features ground breaking software, with a multitude of stimulating interactive activities and a stunning virtual world!

PRICES: First 10 licences = 25 each
From 11 to 100 licences = 20 each

Key Features

  • Based in a small, authentic English-speaking community, Little Bridge brings language learning to life with people and places children can really get to know. They can explore the town, complete the activities and find their way into the exciting Adventure Game. Children can meet the families who live in Little Bridge, learn about hobbies, daily routines and special celebrations, while building vocabulary and practising their English skills as they go.