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HENRY V - Quick text

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by William Shakespeare
The full story with less dialogue for a simpler, fast-paced read.
Presented in a unique style with beautiful comic illustrations of the play. The Quick text version offers a fast way to understand the story, characters, plots and motives. Because this version uses the same artwork as the other versions, none of the events are left out.
Quick text is a brilliant way to introduce younger readers to these fantastic stories (recommended for 9 years old or above) and have been successfully used to engage reluctant and emergent readers.

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or Close the wall up with our English dead!"


Key Features

  • 144 pages, 246 x 168mm
  • This historic tale of war and peace between England and France in the reign of Henry V is presented just as Shakespeare intended....and in a hugely appealing way.
  • See and experience the battle of Agincourt as never before - and fully appreciate a decisive chapter in the history of the realm.
HENRY V - Quick text
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