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Multimodal Texts-Year 4

Resource Information

Age-appropriate, mixed-media texts for the renewed Framework.
47 page book with fourteen digital texts per CD-Rom (for use with PC or Mac).
The Revised Literacy Framework recommends that multimodal or digital elements are incorporated into literacy teaching through the use of digital cameras, sound recording software, presentational software and so on. Multimodal texts allows you and your pupils to explore these text types in a safe environment.

Key Features

  • Dramatised playscripts with sound effects.
  • Animation with voice-over.
  • Audio with transcript concerns Saving Energy.
  • Eight images with sound effects.
  • Podcast with transcript.
  • Illustrated poetry with audio.
  • Three illustrated stories read aloud.
  • The Video with voice-over looks at a village in India
  • Three self-contained websites with images or video. On the Year 4 disc the websites are: Wartime Memories, Lacewing Habitat and Lifestyles Worldwide.
  • Printable activity sheets for group or individual work.
Multimodal Texts-Year 4
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