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PSHE: Drug Education: Age 9-11

Resource Information

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This new Whiteboard Active resource offers high quality BBC video clips, along with images, text and activities, to help to offer children a sensitive introduction to what drugs are, and to teach them about the different types of drugs and the risks associated with them.
Unit 1: What are drugs?
Unit 2: What are the risks?
Unit 3: Different types of drugs
Unit 4: Getting a balanced view
Unit 5: Help and support
Unit 6 Review and reflection
The resources offer children a sensitive introduction to what drugs are and their associated risks.
This product is part of the superb BBC Active range.

Key Features

  • Straightforward advice ensures children understand the difference between illegal drugs, medicines, volatile substances, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Short focused video clips feature famous people talking about drugs, giving children confidence and advice about how to make informed and sensible decisions.
  • Accompanying activities and discussion points allow children to think and talk about the issues surrounding the use of drugs.
  • Writing activities allow children to develop their ideas and give them a context for literacy.
  • Lots of opportunities for discussion and interaction.
  • A free teacherís book offer lots of guidance about the best way of teaching the topic.
  • PC only.