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Interactive Investigations - Years 1 & 2 CD-Rom (site)

Resource Information

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This valuable new science resource helps develop pupils' scientific enquiry skills and encourages them to think like scientists. The content is fully matched to the QCA Scheme of Work for primary science and can be used alongside the Collins primary science resource, Science Directions, or your existing materials.

Key Features

  • Each CD-ROM consists of three parts:
  • Introduction: sets the scene for an investigation as well as stimulating discussion about the topic.
  • Interactive writing frame: two levels of entry allow for differentiation. Pupils are guided through the writing frame before they conduct their investigation. Once they have finished their investigation and collected their results they enter them and their conclusions. The software brings everything together on screen and pupils have the option to also print out their complete write up of their investigation.
  • Plenary: consolidates pupils' learning and ensures everyone has understood the key point of the investigation.
Interactive Investigations - Years 1 & 2 CD-Rom (site)