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Virtual Experiments - Year 1 & 2 CD-Rom (site)

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Resource Information

WAS 75!
Virtual Experiments for Years 1 & 2:

Is ideal for demonstrating difficult scientific concepts.
Minimises the time, mess and fuss involved in experiments, such as growing plants.
Allows you to repeat, slow down or vary the conditions of experiments.
Is useful for revisiting key work pupils may have missed or forgotten.

Key Features

  • Year 1& 2 CD ROM contains the following experiments:
  • Ourselves, Growing Plants, Sorting and Using Materials, Light and Dark, Pushes and Pulls, Sound and Hearing, Health and Growth, Plants and Animals in the Local Environment, Variation, Grouping and Changing Materials, Forces and Movement, Using Electricity.
Virtual Experiments - Year 1 & 2 CD-Rom (site)