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HISTORY: Victorian Britain - Age 7-11

Resource Information

REDUCED TO 79.99 (from 99.99) !
Examine the history of Victorian Britain on your interactive whiteboard. Children are provided with a detailed insight into life in Victorian Britain and allowing them to use and develop historical skills. Topics include town life and transport, leisure, children at school and work, girls and women's lives. A comprehensive teacher's book offers guidance for teachers with suggestions for further activities and cross-curricular links.
Unit 1: Understanding the Victorians
Unit 2: Town life
Unit 3: Transport in Victorian times
Unit 4: Children at work
Unit 5: Children at school
Unit 6: Leisure

Key Features

  • This resource allows children to explore history in a whole new environment, using video, audio, images and interactive activities.
  • It features a wide range of real historical sources for children to explore, as well as questions and interactivity to encourage them to become active historians.
  • NB: PC only.
  • The resource can be customised to create your own activities.