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R.E. Worship and Sacred Places - Age 7-11

Resource Information

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Understand worship and religion on your interactive whiteboard. This resource delivers core elements of RE syllabuses throughout the UK and in the Non-Statutory National Framework for RE in England. It combines the best of BBC TV with audio, images and interactive activities. The contents are:
Unit 1: General introduction to worship
Unit 2: Worship in Judaism
Unit 3: Worship in Christianity
Unit 4: Worship in Islam
Unit 5: Pligrimage

Key Features

  • Bring the major world faiths into your classroom with the best of BBC TV plus great images, photographs, audio and interactive activities.
  • The resources are accompanied by questions, activities and our range of interactive tools to allow pupils to investigate and explore what they see.
  • The content is designed to fit locally agreed syllabi and curriculum requirements.
  • This product is part of the superb BBC Active range.