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HISTORY: Romans in Britain - Age 7-11

Resource Information

** CD-Rom plus Teacher's Book **

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Examine the history of Roman Britain on your interactive whiteboard.
Unit 1: The Romans invade Britain
Unit 2: Queen Boudicca
Unit 3: The Romans move north
Unit 4: Roman settlements - towns
Unit 5: Domestic life and culture
Unit 6: The Romans leave
Features TV clips of Roman reconstructions to dramatised accounts of battle scenes. Offers a wide variety of information and experiences. It covers the following topics: Romans invade Britain, Boudicca, The Romans move north, Settlements, Domestic life and culture, and The Romans leave.

Key Features

  • This resource allows children to explore history in a whole new environment, using video, audio, images and interactive activities
  • It features a wide range of real historical sources for children to explore, as well as questions and interactivity to encourage them to become active historians.
  • The resource can be customised to create your own activities