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LITERACY: World Writing: Age 7-9

Resource Information

Exploring literature from around the world on your interactive whiteboard. This fascinating and engaging resource focuses on literature from the Caribbean, India and Northern Europe.
Unit 1: The Caribbean -Grenada, Jamaica and Trinidad
Unit 2: India
Unit 3: Northern and Western Europe
It includes stories and poems by writers including Grace Nichols, Valerie Bloom and Deba Patnaik. The CD-ROM offers a diverse range of video clips, pictures, music and texts to show children the life and culture of these regions.
This product is part of the superb BBC Active range.
PC only.

Key Features

  • Each CD-ROM explores literature of three regions from around the world, offering three poems and three prose pieces for each.
  • All poems and prose pieces are read aloud with an accent from the relevant region.
  • Video and audio clips, music, pictures and texts are included, showing children life in the regions and providing opportunities for cross-curricular work.