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SCIENCE: Materials Age 9-11

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Explore the science of materials on your interactive whiteboard. This title covers all the content of the Materials strand of the curriculum for ages 9 to 11. The resource provides a fantastic range of visual resources, including video clips, images, slideshows and interactive activities.
Unit 1: Finding the right material
Unit 2: Barriers to heat
Unit 3: Solids, liquids and gases
Unit 4: Making it different
Unit 5: Separating materials
Unit 6: If you can't stand the heat
Unit 7: Conserving and recycling
Unit 8: Water, water everywhere
Unit 9: Why won't it stay like new?
Unit 10: Material problems
Unit 11: Material detectives
This product is part of the superb BBC Active range.
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Key Features

  • This resource offers specially selected TV clips from the BBC, still images, slideshows, and interactive activities.
  • The content is matched to the curriculum, providing what is needed to cover each learning objective.
  • Create new lessons and activities with the tool set, in addition to the ones prepared for you, customising the resource to suit your pupil's needs.